It’s been a year since we started our sports project at a competitive level and ended up with a view to starting a new adventure, but this year with something new than another, both in terms of equipment, with new additions such as new sponsors (we hope to keep those who rely on us this year) and some other surprises that we can not disclose until a little later.

This email is only to thank all the sponsors who have trusted us for this year 2013. I think we’ve got more than goals this year, as both category Féminas as the Master 30 in which we compete, the goal was just to finish and Master 30 has managed to be among the top 60 ranked and in Féminas, has achieved a second place, it could have been the first if not for the “small” mishap that had Rakel having to be admitted to hospital and given sports floor for more than 4 months.

We thank the following sponsors:

  1. War: For his unconditional both sporting and personal level support. Thanks to him, we had fewer mishaps than we should on a technical level with their invaluable help.
  2. Raumovil : It is our means of transport difference. We need a big car, there he is, a van because we need more people to any competition, there he is. If you need to buy or sell a car, van or anything that has engine, this is your business.
  3. ManzanedoMotor : Our material supplier for bikes. Advantages of having the store so close to home. Thanks to John, anything that we have been needing, has been offering us. Have Surprisingly, some even cheaper than online articles.
  4. MadridXtrema : What to say about this event that makes so little and started having such an impact already. Just say that this year 2014, is filled with news on all sides. They are our biggest fans. They help with materials, in the race to promote us …
  5. X-Sauce : Who does not already know this brand for anti puncture kit? We can attest to the quality reports.
  6. Sapim : Company dedicated to the manufacture of spokes for bicycle wheels. We have offered great support and equipment of all kinds for cycling: drums, socks, raincoats reflective …
  7. Soria Natural : Company dedicated to natural medicine. Everyone has taken, sure, ever, any product of this brand. A very well we came boxes vitamin complexes. With this contribution we have been able to finish better than we thought racing.
  8. Olympia Gym : Our sports training center par excellence. If you want to put you strong and keep pace in order to compete in this gym have everything you need.
  9. Toysacan : Company dedicated to dog training. Recently established in 2013, with Angel in his head as trainer and Pilar as the main responsible for Marketing, they are doing that in such a short time his name appears to move through the different media: radio, magazines and even television !
  10. WD40 : Company dedicated to creating products for the maintenance of bicycles. Do not see what good that now engage all components.
  11. Pegatin : Publicly trusted us to carry on our bikes and helmets our names. It was one of the first to trust us. THANKS!

Here you have a summary of the year:

Annual Report